Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ode to Clapton

I spent the day on filling orders for folks. This is the first of a few orders I completed. This card is for my god-sister to give my godfather. I was asked to create something that my pop would like and this is what I came up with. By the way, my pop loves it.

I mounted the card with Chantilly cardstock and then went through a few of my dad's Guitar Player magazines. I found sheet music for Eric Clapton's Layla and some blues cords and scanned them. Printed on heavy cardstock, I then stained the Layla sheet music with a tea bag and sponged the blues cords sheet music with a brown stamping pad. I adhered the the blues cord sheet music with glue and then machine stitched it to the base of the card. I also machine stitched the first bars of the Layla sheet music to the card. I printed out the greeting tag and adhered it to the card with glue tape. The card is embellished with gold brads.

Materials Used
Acid Free White Card Stock

Bazzill Basics Paper - Chantilly
Sheet Music
Tea Bag
Brown Stamp Pad
Gold Brads

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Summer Solstice Sunflower Card Set

A friend from high school asked me to create some Summer Solstice cards for her fellow wiccans using sunflowers. I love sunflowers. They are my favorite flower and I have a huge collection of sunflower stamps.
I wanted to keep the design simple but elegant with. After spending an hour playing around with my stamp images, I came up with the design pictured.

The card was made using heavy white card stock. I layered the front of the card with
Bazzill Basics Paper Cream Paper and this very cool olive green cream flower embossed decorative paper. I machine stitched the sides of the decorative paper to the base of the card using cream thread and added clear yellow buttons to the corners using some heavy brownish-gold packaging thread that I got at Flax's a few weeks ago.

For the sunflower, I stamped the image 3 times on white card stock using cream stamping ink. I cut out the main image and then cut out the flower portion of the image twice. The two flower portions of the sunflower are layered using mounting tape. I colored the sunflowers with yellow, brown, tan, and orange markers. For the center of the flower, I added gold micro beads. Once the sunflower was dry, I glued the image to the center of the card

The "Summer Solstice Greetings" tag was printed on heavy white card stock using a cool Celtic font that I had downloaded for my St. Patrick's day cards. I brushed the tag with orange and gold stamp pads.

The inside of the cards (which have been left blank) are cream and have been sponged with gold stamping ink.

Materials Used
Acid Free White Card Stock

Olive Green Cream Flower Embossed Decorative Paper
Sunflower Stamp
Cream, Gold, and Light Orange Stamp Pads
Clear Yellow Buttons
Brownish-Gold Packing Thread
Gold Photo Turns
Yellow, Brown, Tan, & Orange Markers
Machine Stitching

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Flower Power

I can't tell you how much I love TV. My favorite show is Lost but I'm up for anything (except for reality tv). After watching some old episodes of the Brady Bunch, I wanted to do something creative with flowers and windows. So this is what I came up with.

The base of the card is white card stock. I layered the card with some burgundy card stock. I next cut out small squares of decorative flower card stock that I had from a paper kit and some plain off-white and pink card stock. I folded the off-white and pink card stock in half to form the windows. I painted the edges of the windows with some burgundy acyrillic paint and added iridescent glitter to the front of the window to give it some 70's feel. After everything was dried, I mounted the two small flower decorative paper and windows on different shade of burgundy paper and attached the windows using gold photo turns.

For the middle of the card, I broke out the cricut and cut multiple flowers in various shades from the Walk in My Garden cartridge. I attached the two outer flowers with a gold brad and the two center flowers were attached with glue on a strip of yellow based flower decorative paper. I added some decorative beads in the center of the two flower for some added effect.

I next embellished the card with yellow ribbon, decorative beads, and some multi-colored fibers (which I attached to the decorative flower paper). When you turn the photo turns, you will see that I added two pop-up flower stickers. As with all my cards, I also decorated the inside of the card to match the front.

Materials Used

Acid Free White Card Stock

Decorative Flower Card Stock
2 Shades of Burgundy Card Stock
Pink and Tan Card Stock
Flower Images from Cricut Walk In My Garden Cartridge
Gold Photo Turns
Pop-Up Flower Stickers
Gold Brads

Purple Beads
Yellow Ribbon and Multi-Colored Fibers

Lavender Shaker Note Card(s)

I love the smell of lavender. I keep lavender in my dresser drawers. I thought it would be cool to make a shaker card. I ran across some Rossler Papier sage photo cards at Flax that were perfect for what I was thinking about. I was just going to buy one, but thought that the card idea would be great for a set of note cards.
The card is a double-fold and perfect for shaker cards. It already had an oval cut out so no extra work involved. First, I cut out some transparent paper and attached it to the back of the first tri-fold of the card placing it over the oval cut out. I then sprinkled the organic dried lavender over the transparent paper. 

Using mounting tape, I then proceeded to mount Sage Bazzill Basics Paper over the dried lavender. I sealed the first fold over the card to give the lavender a little more security. For the front of the card, I heat embossed a decorative stamp image and added black and gold brads and accented the card with purple ribbon. I scraped the edges of the card to add a bit of texture. 

Materials Used:
Rossler Papier Sage Photo Card

Bazzill Basics Paper - Sage
Decorative Stamp & Pirate Gold Stampendous Embossing Powder
Purple Ribbon
Black and Gold Flower Shaped Brads

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